Preloved Market Stall Space - Full Stall Space (Up to 2 People)


Preloved Market Stall Space - Full Stall Space (Up to 2 People)


Join us to sell your preloved baby/children’s products!

Saturday, 14th September 2019

9am - 1pm

Each space is 3m wide x 3m deep - These spaces are full sizes market stalls and suitable for up to 2 sellers.

This is a market to sell your boutique & quality preloved items.

  • Instagram Brands

  • Wooden Toys

  • Decor

  • Quality Shop Brands - Country Road, Seed, Bonds, Cotton On etc

  • Designer Labels .

  • Baby products like prams etc. (Must be clean and in great condition)

Please No Plastic Toys, Kmart/Best & Less etc Clothing or Any Items or Clothing in Poor Condition.

Please read the Terms & Conditions below prior to booking a stall.

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Preloved Market Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a stall space you are agreeing to the below terms & conditions.

Stall Cancellation

Once a stall space is purchased it is non refundable. However you may transfer your space to someone else. If the event is sold out we may have a wait list in which you can contact us and we can help transfer this for you.

Market Cancellation
In the event that the market needs to be cancelled due to bad weather it will be postponed to another date. Your booking will be transferred to the new date - no refunds will be given unless the market is cancelled indefinitely in which case you will receive a full refund.

Stall Space
It is imperative that you keep your stall space clean and tidy at all times. Hide & Seek Children’s Market imposes a high standard of stall quality.  
The Stall holder does not convey any right to any particular location for a Stall. Stallholders must locate their stalls as directed by Market Management who is authorised to determine and change the layout for Stalls from time to time. However, we do note that Stallholders may request special consideration from Market Management when allocating spaces due to some practical and technical factors. Please contact us for further discussion. The stall holder must ensure that all trading activity is undertaken within the boundaries of the stall. This is an outdoor market and whilst a 3m x 3m gazebo is recommended it is not essential. All stalls must be set up and ready to trade half hour prior to commencement of the Trading Hours. It is the responsibility of the Stallholder to continue trading for the full duration of the market’s Trading Hours. Stallholders must cease trading and commence their packing up procedure at the end of the Trading Hours and must ensure they are off site in accordance with the hours of setting up and packing up procedure that is outlined in the Market Day Procedures which will be distributed to all approved Stallholders.


Market Management has taken out a Public Liability Insurance policy of $20,000,000 for the Market event. This Public Liability Insurance also covers Stallholders who have been approved by Market Management.

Market Day Procedure

The details of the Market Day Procedure are outlined in an e-mail along with the details of the stall holder’s allocation. This will occur on the Thursday prior to Market day. Stallholders must abide by the instructions of the Market Management in relation to parking and traffic control during access and egress. In the interests of Occupational Health & Safety, Stallholders must strictly comply with specific times in relation to the set up and pack up of the Market. Setting up and packing up a stall outside of the designated times may be hazardous to other persons and, as such, a failure to observe and comply with the time restrictions for set up and pack up is considered to be a major breach of the Stallholder’s obligations and Market Management reserves the right to refuse the offending Stallholder permission to occupy a Stall at the Market on the day of the infringement and on any future Market day. It is imperative that Stallholders consult only with Hide & Seek Children’s Market Management regarding any access and egress procedures.
Throughout the Market, Stallholder’s must act harmoniously with all patrons and other Stallholders. Those who do not may be asked to leave.

Market Equipment

It is the Stallholder’s responsibility to ensure that all of the Equipment brought to the Market by the Stallholder has been erected securely, is operated in a safe manner and has been ballasted for safety prior to the commencement of trade. All Equipment including trestle tables, chairs, umbrellas, signage and displays must be provided by the Stallholder. Public access ways must be kept clear at all times and Stallholders must co-operate with Market Management in ensuring that an appropriate corridor is maintained along the pedestrian pathways. We reserve the right to direct a Stallholder to remove materials or otherwise be refused to trade at the Market. You agree to be solely responsible for any theft or damage to any furniture or other items that occupy your Stall Space.

Prohibited Activity

Smoking and alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited on the premises and for the duration of the Market. Stallholders must not smoke on the grounds of the Market which is known as Miami State High School. Pets are not permitted. Hawkers and unsolicited advertising is prohibited at all times.


The health and safety of all patrons, Stallholders and Market Management is of utmost importance. You understand and agree that it is your responsibility to take all due care and diligence to prevent injury and property damage to you or any third party including (but not limited to) visitors to Hide & Seek Children’s Market. Therefore, you must ensure that you thoroughly inspect your stall prior to the commencement of Market Trading Hours and continue to review the safety of your stall throughout the duration of the Market. Your stall space must be free of slip, trip and fall hazards and have a clear walkway around your stall space. Any spills or breakages must be cleaned immediately. Behave at all times in a manner that ensures that the health and safety of anyone who visits the Market is not compromised.

Stallholder Indemnity

The Stallholder indemnifies and holds Market Management harmless from and against all claims for loss arising in connection with or in relation to:
- the sale or attempted sale of the Approved Products or any other products or services;
- any injury or harm suffered by the Stallholder;
- any injury or harm caused to any property or suffered by any person as a direct or indirect consequence, in whole or in part, of any act or omission by the Stallholder;
- any loss of or damage to the Stallholder's property regardless of the cause of that loss or damage; - the death of any person of a consequence, in whole or in part, of any act or omission by the Stallholder;
- any breach of these Terms and Conditions by the Stallholder; or
- any journey from or to the Market; or damage or injury to any property or person.
- Market Management’s legal costs on a full indemnity basis incurred as a result of the Stallholder's breach of these Terms and Conditions.

Manager’s Exclusion of Liability

The Stallholder agrees to indemnify Market Management against any cost, expenses, loss, damage or harm suffered by us resulting from any claims, actions, demands or suits that may be made against us as a result of your conduct including but not limited to any third party allegations of infringement of Intellectual Property Rights against you by any third party and public liability claims relating to you and your Stall.

Manager’s Right of Termination

Market Management reserves the right to withhold consent to a Stallholder to trade at the Market, to remove or to have removed from the Market, a Stallholder who is in breach or does not comply with the Terms and Conditions. If you breach any of these Terms, we reserve the right to cancel or relocate your Stall Space. You agree to indemnify us against any costs we incur arising from your breach.

Privacy Policy

Be assured that any personal or business information obtained by Market Management is used only to support Trading Activity and will in no way be shared with third parties or without your exclusive permission. Please do not ask for information regarding information which is not your own as these details will not be released.